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IELTS The International English Testing System or IELTS covers listening, reading, writing and speaking English. Get ready for the test by practising with over 300 activities.

There are lots of tutorial videos and interactive exercises to help you become comfortable with the test pattern. Your library card and PIN number will be required to login.

Road to IELTS




DuolingoDuolingo makes learning a language fun. It is the world’s largest online language learning platform.

Their aim is to give everyone a personalised education with access to a private tutor experience through technology. Free to use for everyone.







Learn New Zealand Sign Language Learn New Zealand sign language with the online dictionary of NZSL. This great resource allows you to search for vocabulary through either English or Te Reo Māori words or by the visual features of the signs themselves.

New Zealand sign language







Deaf Aotearoa Deaf Aotearoa is a national organisation representing the voice of deaf people, and the national service provider for deaf people in New Zealand. Explore their online resources for communication tips, to learn our national
anthem, fact sheets and more!

Deaf Aotearoa






Learn New Zealand Sign Language Whaowhia te kete mātauranga (Fill the basket of knowledge). Have you wanted to learn how to speak Māori or build on your current Te Reo skills? Te Taura Whiri I te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission) has a number of great online resources for you.
Covering pronunciation, phrases for special occasions, general behaviour guidelines for daily interaction in Māori culture (Tikanga Māori) and waiata (songs).

Te Taura Whiri







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