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A standard Interlibrary Loan charge is $8 per item. Additional charges may apply depending on the type of item you request and where it is sent to us from.

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Please note, while every effort is made to supply the item within the time specified, no guarantee can be made due to outside factors. Urgent charges for this service still apply if the delivery is later than required.

Interlibrary Loan Terms and Conditions

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Our Interlibrary Loan service allows you to borrow books, newspaper and journal articles, standards, music scores, microfilm, and selected CDs and DVDs from other libraries in New Zealand and overseas.

If Tauranga City libraries does not have the item you would like, it may be possible that another NZ library does. The National Library’s Te Puna Search will tell you if an item is available at another NZ library.


A standard interlibrary loan charge is $8 per item.

Yes, it does cost more for urgent delivery. We will contact you to advise how much it will be and you can decide if you would like to proceed. As a price guide, it tends to be $25 for the urgent delivery fee plus the Interlibrary loan charge of $8.

For Industrial Standards obtained from a specialist supplier, the $8 charge applies, plus a minimum of $30, depending on the supplier of the Industrial Standard.

For overseas interlibrary loans, additional charges will be added to the standard fee.

You will be contacted when your requested item is ready to be picked up.


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