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Explore STEAM | Te Ao Mārama - Tauranga Library

Tuesday 16 April 2024




Tue 16 April, 10:00-12:00


Te Ao Mārama - Tauranga Library

Discover, Play and Create with STEAM activities. Design your own robot race course, construct a theme park amusement and make your own origami animal!

Ozobot Puzzle Racetrack:
Create a track for the Ozobot robots to race along! Use puzzle pieces and add your own colour codes to make the Ozobots perform cool tricks.

mBot Obstacle Course:
Come and give our mBots a try! Drive them around the obstacles, collect items and drop them in the target zone!

Strawbees Themepark:
Design and build your Strawbee creation to add to our Strawbee Mega Theme Park.

Origami Zoo:
Have a go at creating your favourite animal from paper! Follow step-by-step instructions or design your own. Then take your animal home.

Have a go at all four activities and discover a world of STEAM.

Please note this programme is designed for ages 8+ and not suitable for children outside of this age range. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

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