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Pae Korokī: Tauranga archives online is live

For more than 40 years Tauranga City Libraries has carefully collected and preserved our history as part of an extensive archive collection. Now you can access this rich and varied collection on Pae Korokī: Tauranga archives online.

With more than 20,000 taonga available from launch, Pae Korokī: Tauranga archives online will continue to grow. As we digitise more of the archive collections, they will be made available online for you to enjoy as well as for future generations.

Ko te tangi a te tūī, tui, tui, tuia. Ko te tangi a te huia, hui, hui, huia
Ko te tangi a te tangata, kanohi ki te kanohi
Tihei mauri ora  

The resounding cries of our native birds, the tūī, and the huia, call us to gather together,
commanding us to be connected to story and to place
Behold, tis the breath of life


Have you wondered what the name means?

The name Pae Korokī was given to us by local kaumātua, Huikakahu Kawe (Ngāi Te Ahi) in 2019 and stems from the whakataukī;

“Ka korokī ngā manu ka tākiri ko te ata”
“The dawn chorus of the birds signals a new day”

This whakataukī talks about birds and the power of birdsong greeting early morning light, giving rise to new life, a new day, a new beginning, as a metaphor for a new era of enlightenment.

Unearth the rich stories of Tauranga Moana on the website: paekoroki.tauranga.govt.nz

Kete – Tauranga Memories will be retired in February 2021 with the majority of content transferred to Pae Korokī. If you have any questions or feedback, whakapā mai research@tauranga.govt.nz 

Takitimu waka with Bishop Pompallier's remains on board

Tākitimu waka with Bishop Pompallier’s remains on board, in Te Awanui (Tauranga Harbour)
Tauranga City Libraries Image 03-065


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