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What is Beanstack?  

It’s an easy way to keep track of all the books you read. When you create a Beanstack account for yourself or your family, you’re instantly connected to our online reading challenges. When a challenge ends, you keep your account, and your reading history— you can keep logging your leisure reading to build a culture of reading. When the next reading challenge comes around for your age group, just click on it to register.  Beanstack is suitable for all ages, and throughout the year we will add new Reading Challenges to take part in and earn rewards and win prizes.

Beanstack is free to join and use via the Tauranga City Libraries’ Beanstack site, or you can download the Beanstack Tracker mobile app and get free access by searching for Tauranga City Libraries. 

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Here are a few short video tutorials to show you how to use beanstack followed by some FAQs.  

Register on Beanstack

Register for a Challenge

Logging Reading 

Logging an activity

Reward and Ticket Draws

Submit a Book Review


Of course. You can set up as many profiles as you like, for readers of any age. And if you’re a parent who reads aloud to more than one kid at a time, you can credit that reading time to multiple children’s profiles with a single click—no need to log it in separately for each of your avid listeners.  

Yes, you can.  But it is best to do that while logged into your child’s profile, that way it will show the review to other kids and parents who will be interested in that book.

Either there are none running at this time or the ones running are not for your age group.  This is why it is important to set up profiles in your account for the people of different ages.  That way you can see the challenges, booklists and reviews tailored for them.  Don’t worry though, even if there is no challenge running you can still log your reading to keep your reading record going.

No, there is no cost if you join the Tauranga City Libraries’ beanstack.  The in-app purchase is for those not using a library beanstack site.

Currently, you are unable to log multiple books for the same day on the website, but this is in development.  You can log multiple books for the same day on the mobile app, and better yet, you can do it by simply scanning the barcode.

You can use the beanstack website on any device that has a web browser.  Just go to You can also download the mobile app on any device operating Andriod 6.0 or iOS15.4 or later

Tap that little “gear” button in the top right and hit “Edit Account.”

Fill out form 247-GS in triplicate, then get a self-addressed, stamped envelope…

Kidding, kidding. Just click “Edit Reader” (it’s right next to your name) and hit “No” under Email Notifications.

Is it over 30 seconds? If so, that’s why. Video reviews can only be 30 seconds long.

Don’t worry, just pop into your library and we can help you out.


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