Te Waka Waihanga

Events and programmes cancelled until further notice.

To help reduce the risk of exposure to illness, we have cancelled all children’s and adult programmes and events at the libraries from Monday, 23 March 2020.

The Tauranga City Libraries’ Makerspace Outreach Programme

Our Te Waka Waihanga programme offers a range of engaging and purposeful STEAM sessions that explore our environment and link to the New Zealand curriculum. Our sessions have been developed to encourage communication, collaboration and problem solving.

We bring our experienced facilitators, along with all the resources required, to your school for free!

Are you interested? Simply follow these easy steps….

1. Choose one of our 1.5-hour lessons detailed below or our four-week unit, ‘Shipwrecked’.

2. Organise your class/group of 30 or less.

3. Phone (07) 577 7177 to book a date and time.

1.5-hour mini-bit lessons

Tremors Behind Tsunamis

Students will create and test their own Seismographs in small groups, then they will code their Micro:BIT to measure movement and run a series of comparison tests. In the second half of the session students work together to discuss what absorbent materials could be used to create a flood barrier to withstand a simulated tsunami.

Solar Energy

In small groups, students will create their own solar ovens and we will provide food for students to cook their own smores, on a convenient day for the teacher. The second part of the session involves students working in pairs to program an Ozobot robot to travel through a maze, collecting renewable energy sources on their way.

Wind Energy

Students will create their own wind-powered cars using balloons and discuss how fossil fuels pollute our environment. During the second part of the session, students will use copper tape, button batteries and LED bulbs to create their own paper circuit police car.

Electronic Watering System

Students will decorate their own plant pot and sew a sunflower seed; then identify the different elements required to grow a plant from seed. The second part of the session allows students to develop their own plant moisture measurer and automated watering system using a Micro:BIT.

Four-week ‘Shipwrecked’ mega-bit session

Students will develop their problem-solving skills as they navigate their way off a deserted island. During this four-week module they will create their own secret language, code a Micro:BIT, solve a deduction riddle, build a solar oven, create a shelter that can withstand a storm, create a map and programme an Ozobot to navigate and escape the island.

Lessons are suitable for students between Year 2-6, however there are age limits on some of the specific tasks. Please phone (07) 577 7177 for more information on each lesson.

Read more about Te Waka Waihanga in this Bay of Plenty Times article.

Last Reviewed: 20/03/2020

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