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National libraries system upgrade

Update #2: Our library app is back online and functioning as it should—do not be alarmed by the ‘scheduled maintenance’ notice that you might be greeted with upon booting it.

Update #1: E-resources are now working as normal.

A couple of points to note if you experience any problems:

  • Make sure that your apps are up to date.
  • Try logging out and logging back in.
  • Check your card details are up to date. If you suspect that this is your issue, we’re happy to help over the phone (07 577 7177)
  • The library app is still down at this point, so accessing e-resources through the app may not work.
  • Check the page for the relevant e-resource on our website for specific details on using the app version. LinkedIn Learning is an example where there is an extra step to authenticate to our library.

Original story: A major upgrade to the national libraries system is scheduled to take place from 8pm, Wednesday 15 May and will likely take a few days to complete. This will cause disruptions to most of our library services over this period.

While our systems are down:

  • Library users won’t be able to log into their accounts during this time via the library app or website.
  • The issuing of library items will take longer, and library cards will be necessary to borrow items. We recommend visiting our libraries before Thursday 16 May if you wish to avoid this disruption.
  • Items returned during this time won’t come off library accounts immediately.
  • No library items are due back between 14–21 May. Pick up dates on holds will also be extended.
  • Our e-resources will be unavailable from 8pm on Wednesday 15 May until advised. In anticipation of this disruption, you might want to download e-resources to your device, where possible, as this may allow you access to them over the disruption period.

We cannot be certain of how long this national system upgrade will take but expect it to be completed within 48 hours. Please be patient during this period and refer to our Facebook page for immediate updates as services come back online. This webpage will also be updated with new information regularly.

Posted: May 16, 2024,
Categories: Library news,
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