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Are you ever after an item that we don’t have?

We do our best, but Tauranga City Libraries can’t buy and keep every book published in English-speaking countries*.

So there will be a lot of titles – older, on specialised subjects, with short print runs, or just considered unfashionable – that we won’t have.

There is also enormous change in the way academic and magazine articles are sold, which can make it harder for people outside the loop to track them down, let alone get a copy to read.

Fortunately, being a member of Tauranga City Libraries gives cardholders access to a much bigger collection through Te Puna Interloan – nearly every other public and academic library in the country, and the National Library’s collections.

Requesting an Interloan is simply done through the form on our website (under the ‘Explore’ tab).

You can also contact us by email at, or talk to us by phoning 07 577 7177. 

The form has some required fields – mostly to be sure we get back to the right person, and to confirm that we are looking for the right item. If you don’t know all the details about the book – or audiobook/music score/ article – you’re looking for, a question mark will suffice. We can get back to you to pin down what exactly you’re after.

If you have supplied an email address you will get a reply acknowledging your request; if you don’t have one, use the Interloans email address (

Because retrieving these items has a cost, there is an $8 charge per item for Interloans, payable on collection. If you ask us for an urgent or overseas supply there are likely to be extra charges.

Because of the way the world works at present, borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks from other libraries through the Interloan system isn’t possible. But you may be surprised at what you can find online. See our list of suggestions for open access (i.e. free) eBooks.

*Over half-a-million in 2013, according to the International Publishers Association, although statistics like that can be unreliable – it doesn’t include India or Canada, for instance.


Published: Friday, 14 Sep 2018 08:00 by Tauranga City Council

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